Office Moldova


Zona Economică Liberă ”BĂLȚI”
str. Industrial 4, mun. Bălți
Republica Moldova - MD-3100

Phone number: + 373 22 275586

Fax number: +373 22 276740

About Us

ECOVerde-Trade is a trading company dealing with Recyclable material, Compost and Refuse Derived Fuel.

The company is operating as an exclusive trader of the entire ECOVERDE® program within Romania, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

The products, supplied by ECOVerde-Trade, are of the most superior quality.

Through the High standard of the ECOVERDE® program, we obtain the recovered recyclable materials which are well collected and clean and have the ability to become excellent raw materials.

The company line of products maintains the entire scale of recyclable materials, compost and alternative fuel for power plants.

Our ability to provide large and quality quantities cannot be compete by any other company due to the huge scale of quantities processed through ECOVERDE® program, this allows us to provide with unlimited quantities.

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